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Sao Paulo, May 2019


N. 89 / 2. 2019 – Seção especial: “Circulação Internacional das Ciências Sociais”

N. 90/ 3. 2019 – Seção especial: Ciências Sociais Hoje  
- Antropologia Hoje
- Ciência Política Hoje
- Sociologia Hoje










Call for Articles

Dossier: The Reception of the Work of Pierre Bourdieu in Different Intellectual Contexts

The sociological work of Pierre Bourdieu has become an important generator of research and debate not only in sociology, but also in the different dominions of the social sciences, and in addition intersecting various intellectual fields. Following up similar works produced over the years, BIB journal, within what has been its tradition, is organizing a special issue dedicated to the study of the circulation of Bourdieu’s work within the various disciplines of the social sciences and its reception in different national or regional spaces.

Admitting that these processes have a differentiated history which deserves to be better known and aiming to give greater visibility and systematicity to their reading, the journal is open to receive contributions from research that proposes to analyze how Bourdieu studies have been integrated in sociological or anthropological investigation and in the dominion of political science, in the different national or regional contexts.

The dossier will be organized by Gustavo Sorá and Virgílio Borges Pereira and articles should be sent to bib@anpocs.org.br by 31 December 2018.

For further details, access: https://goo.gl/abjkJv